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Mind Grown Services and Classes

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In School Classes

CfK partners with schools to bring our hands on social emotional curriculum to students during the school day.  

CfK works with our local GEAR UP program to provide curriculum and teachers to public school classes.

CfK can also provide training for teachers or school counselors to use the CfK curriculum at your school. 

After School Programs

CfK offers an after school extracurricular program.  Contact CfK to find out more about starting a CfK after school program at your school.  

Check out the Partner Schools tab to find out if we offer a program at your child's school.  

Community Classes

CfK offers ongoing classes or one time workshops for your community groups.  We offer activities for 2nd grade through high school.  With a wide variety of themes and team building exercises, we can meet the needs of your group.  

We offer classes or workshops for sports teams, Scout groups, Confirmation classes, retreats, and more. 

To schedule your group email

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Summer Classes

Add CfK classes to your summer camp curriculum.  Summer camp classes can be offered in a daily or weekly format.  Find out more by contacting CfK.

Bring CfK Classes to your Community

Interested in licensing the Coaching for Kids curriculum to bring classes to your community?  Email for more details. 

Virtual Classes

Now students can participate in CfK classes virtually!  CfK students can participate in live virtual classes or, on their own schedule, through video lessons.  Go to the Virtual Classrooms tab to find out more.  


Speaking Engagements and Workshops

Schedule CfK creator and director, Sarah Bailey, to speak to parents or teachers in your community.  Learn about the importance of social emotional learning for children and adolescents and get tips and strategies on how to help children on their journey to confidence and self-discovery.  

Sarah offers in-person and virtual speaking engagements.  

Click here for a sample agenda from a recent school PTO meeting.  

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