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Coaching for Educators! 

Let us help you bring Social Emotional Learning to your classroom or school.


  • how to build resilience 

  • about trauma and triggers

  • what it means to be available to learn

  • the importance of gratitude and self-care for you and your students

Get tips on:

  • building character, confidence, & courage

  • teaching empathy

  • having difficult conversations

  • boosting self-esteem

  • connecting with your students virtually

Learn fun character building activities you can do with your students.

  • Provide a speaker for staff meetings or in-service days

  • Sign up for virtual classes and workshops

  • Learn how to use the Coaching for Kids Curriculum in your school

  • Provide a speaker for parent's meetings

  • Provide seminar for coaches or sports teams

  • Request one-on-one mentoring from a Coaching for Kids team member

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